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Charge Policy for 2016-2017

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Elementary Schools’ Charge Policy (PVN, PVS, Cline, Driscoll, John Hole, Normandy, Stingley, Weller)

To ensure that all students have access to healthy school lunches and to be good financial stewards, Centerville Student Nutrition Services has instituted a charge policy for the elementary schools.  This policy has as its guiding principle the belief that every student deserves a nutritious lunch but that ultimately it is the parent/guardian's responsibility to provide one unless the family qualifies for the free and reduced lunch program.  To that end, the charge policy is as follows:


  • Students will be allowed to charge a maximum of 3 lunches. After the third charge, the student will be given an alternate meal at a cost of $1.00.  This meal will be provided by the principal's office and will need to be reimbursed through the principal.
  • With a negative balance, students will not be able to purchase a la carte items, even with cash. 
  • With a negative balance, students with cash or check will be able to purchase a reimbursable meal consisting of a meat, grain, fruit, vegetable, and milk but not a la carte items.

This will ensure that students are eating nutritionally sound meals instead of using money towards less nutrient-dense snack foods.

To minimize the possibility that your child may be without meal money on any given day, meals can be paid for in advance and the balances maintained in your child’s account via MealPayPlus (  This free service allows you to set up low balance notices and make automatic payments.  For more information, see the reference guide under “Downloads” at  Of course meals can also be paid for with cash or check.  Please make checks payable to Centerville City Schools.  Forms and information regarding free or reduced lunch are available at each building and the Student Nutrition Services Office.

Centerville City Schools believes strongly that nutritious lunches are a vital component to a healthy school environment.  Our school lunches provide 1/3 of the RDA of key nutrients including vitamins A and C; fresh fruits and vegetables are served every day.  School meals enhance learning and minimize illnesses and absences. 

Middle Schools’ Charge Policy (Magsig, Tower Heights, Watts)

At each school, there is a two charge limit.  Please call Nutrition Services and/or the respective school for details.

High Schools’ Charge Policy

Students are not able to charge their meal accounts. 


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