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Primary Village North PTO

The Centerville Primary Village North PTO is actively committed to enhancing our children's educational experience with contributions of financial support and volunteerism.  We collaborate with parents, teachers and staff to enrich our children's education and foster the wonder of learning. We encourage a strengthened connection between home and school which form the foundation for a successful community. 

Throughout the year, Centerville Primary Village North PTO plans programs and events oriented to fundraising. While historically our PTO does not initiate product-oriented sales drives, there may be opportunities for such campaigns at some point during the year. For vendors and groups interested in product sales through our PreK-1 school, we encourage your connection with the PTO presidents or PVN principal.

Please know that our primary events throughout the year i.e. fall fundraiser, winter carnival, fitness challenge require many volunteers and your support and contributions to make them successful. Other committees and programs like Market Day; Box Tops, Campbell's Labels, and grocer programs; school supplies; t-shirts/spiritwear; are helpful in raising funds, as well.

Any money we raise by PTO programs is directly returned to the school and classroom teachers to influence the success of the learning environment. Teachers have limited budgets for the extras that make classrooms and neighborhoods fun and interactive. That's why our PTO solidly supports financial investment in our teachers' ability to deliver more to our children. 

2015-2016 Executive Board
Amy Coleman President
Amanda Carson-Spychalski Co-Vice President
Nick Spychalski Co-Vice President
Julia Gallagher Corresponding Secretary
David Dobson Recording Secretary
Stephanie Davis Treasurer



Thank you for your continued support of Centerville Primary Village North. Your children continue to excel due to the wonderful commitment you show to their learning experience.  Please support the PTO which allows so many more benefits to be bestowed on your child's classroom education.
We look forward to the coming months with you and your family.

Mrs. Cline, Principal 

Parents are needed on PTO committees and in school as volunteers to make our children's learning experience complete. You can become an academic volunteer, a Little Elk's Cafe monitor, a library assistant, a home-room parent or classroom helper, for example.
We seek volunteers for every program and committee we host and sponsor every day. The help we provide also allows all of us as parents the opportunity to participate in our children's education in support of Primary Village North teachers and staff.
Please consider joining the PTO and becoming active in creating the wonder of education at Centerville Primary Village North.


For detailed information see the Community Rewards document link on the right side of this page.