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Information Technology and Software Engineering


The INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY / SOFTWARE ENGINEERING program is a National recognized two-year (11th and 12th Grade) intensive technical program, which offers a seamless transition to a bachelor degree at the university level. The course work is college level and prepares students for the work environment with actual business projects, hands-on experiences, and curriculum designed by professionals in the industry.

The program offers the instruction in the following:

CompTIA's A+ Hardware and Software Visual Basic Programming in Visual Studio 2010
Active Server Pages (ASP 3.5) Web Design – (HTML 5 / CS)
C++ Programming (BPA) Java Programming (BPA)
C# Programming for Engineering C# Programming for Business (SQL, LINQ, ADONET)
JavaScript, Ajax and advance Web Design Concept Database Management
CompTIA's Networks+ Proficiency Tests for College Credits

Join one of the fastest growing and highest paying high-tech careers as you explore the inner workings of web development, programming application and development, PC hardware/networking, and database management. 

Earn college credits while taking prefessional and college level course work.  Comptete in local, state and national competitions while developing real work experience through hands-on projects.  Former students have earned internships and employment in companies such as Google, Microsoft, NASA, Ball Aerospace, WPAFB, Lexis-Nexis, and many others. 

Note: This is the ONLY school program that offers extensive instruction in PROGRAMMING. Students can take any Advanced Placement or Honors classes while taking this Tech Prep program.

All students participate in Business Professionals of America and Tech Prep Showcase competitions.

Please click on IT Program Details (on right) to download a full description of our program, or check out our web site at WWW.CENTERVILLEIT.COM

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Information Technology